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PYXISTIFY Coffee Mug Warmer – Electric Coaster with 5 Temp Gears up to 203℉ (95℃) – 12 hrs Auto Shutoff & Waterproof Plate – Heating Wax, Tea, Cocoa, Milk – Smart Beverage Warming – Office Gift

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  • PYXISTIFY mug warmer is equipped with graphene glass-ceramic technology which has better heat preservation effect.

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Enjoy Warm Coffee At Home or In The Office In Full Taste Using the PYXISTIFY Mug Warmer

When you drink coffee, most of the heat is in the first two or three sips. After that, you quickly lose most of the heat. By the time you’ve finished the cup, only a third or less of the heat remains.

“If coffee was hot throughout,” says David H. Schwartz, “you’d feel more energized on the second and third cups than you do now. And if it didn’t lose its heat so quickly, you’d feel the same on the third cup as you did on the first.

“The first thing people think about when they want a hot drink is coffee. They assume it’s the best beverage for a hot drink.”

Coffee drinkers try to solve these problems with a mug warmer. A mug warmer is a kind of electric heating element that you put in the microwave. It heats your mug to nearly the same temperature as coffee.

As a general rule, it doesn’t get hot enough. So most people reheat their coffee, and that wastes energy. And coffee always tastes better freshly brewed.

The solution to this problem is to drop the coffee into the mug, heat up the mug, then pour in the coffee. That requires two heating mechanisms, so the energy is wasted twice.

You can tell that pouring coffee into a mug is inefficient because coffee shops use huge, expensive metal dispensers. The designers of coffee dispensers are, of course, only trying to maximize their profit, and there’s no profit in saving energy. But why not let customers do their own heating?

One idea would be to have customers place their mugs inside a microwave. But that’s not very practical. A microwave is heavy and expensive. And most people like their coffee hot, so they tend to use it a lot. They wouldn’t want to lug around a big microwave.

A more practical approach is to put mugs inside insulated boxes. They would be heated by electricity, and an electric heating device is pretty cheap. But it’s still an inefficient design. It loses energy every time the mug is opened, and it takes a long time to get hot. It’s better to keep the mug closed until you’re about to pour in the coffee.

The coffee mug warmers stand out amongst all these solutions, it is a great invention that solves many problems. For example, when it comes to heating up coffee, the presence of plastic or ceramic mugs filled with hot liquid is not very comfortable. The mugs keep our hands from getting burned and also from spilling coffee everywhere. The mug warmers are the solution to all these problems.

The mug warmers has many different features. For example, the warmers contains a heating element that keeps the liquid inside hot. The mug warmers has a heat resistant material that keeps the hands from burns. PYXISTIFY mug warmers has a beautiful look that will match any kitchen decor. This mug warmers has a compact design. It has a small footprint, so it won’t take up much space in the kitchen. Moreover, this mug warmers is very convenient and simple to use. All you have to do is to plug the mug warmers into any outlet and turn it on. The mug warmers will automatically turn itself on. The mug warmers can also be programmed, so you can set it to turn on at a certain time. This device also called an electric heating plate coaster is a great invention that saves us time and trouble. It is a self heating beverage pad for all liquids and beverages.

Advantage that our coffee mug warmer has over other mug warmers in the market

– PYXISTIFY mug warmer is equipped with graphene glass-ceramic technology which has better heat preservation effect.

– The panel of our mug coaster is made of high hardness microcrystalline, making it explosion-proof and high temperature resistant.

– This electric warming plate is equipped with gravity device and has automatic identification function. When there is a cup, the machine will start to work and heat. If the cup is taken away, the machine will automatically stop heating and enter standby state. It has a reliable sensor that works with all kind of mugs.

– Unlike other mug warmers in the market which either has a single temperature gear or 3 temperature, the PYXISTIFY mug warmer comes with 5 temperature gears.

– Our PYXISTIFY plate warmer is water-proof and spill resistant. It is very easy to clean the liquid with a cloth.

– Valuable 5 minutes Auto off and 8 hours power off for standby safety features, makes this mug warmer quite safe from burns.

A Gift For All Sorts of Occasions


We often give gifts to re-confirm or establish our connection with others, which means that they’re a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, as well as their unique relationship. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them.

This Mug warmer is a best gift on special occasions such as a Birthday Party, a Valentine’s Day, a Thanksgiving, an Anniversary, a Mother Day or a Christmas party.

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